ever wanted to actually be in a game?  1 headset + 2 controllers and you're all set.  virtual reality gaming lets you experience play in all 360 degrees and immerses you fully into the world. 


even better, you get to play against your friends!  ...soon to be defeated friends - and talk to them while you're at it.  everyone gets their own booth and controllers.  sign up, drop in, play on. 

But what exactly is VR?

at Dimensional Drop, virtual reality means getting to experience game play from more than just a screen.  the headset will give you a view and your sound - you can look down, look up, spin - and you'll see the game just like you would if you moved in real life. 


your hands get controllers - these let you interact with your game world.  pick stuff up, put stuff down, throw stuff, throw stuff at others, you choose.  these are your tools, use them well.

Sounds great.  How do I do this?

just drop in or book an appointment!  we have 10 booths available at any given time. 


while we do welcome drop-ins, we fill up quickly and really don't want to have to turn you away, because you seem really cool.  we'll let you know exactly what's available as soon as you begin booking.

Who can play?

7 years old and up.  we feel like under 6  has a hard enough time with reality anyhow.

Is it hard?

no.  unless your friends are better than you.  then yes.  but honestly, there's a wide variety of game difficulty. 


also, lucky you, we're watching the whole time to assist as much or as little as you need.

What do I wear?

whatever makes you feel fabulous.  but in reality, wear something that you'd be good moving in.  think: touching the floor then reaching up for the top shelf.  no lie, this can be a bit of a work out.

What do I bring?

your game face.  anything else you want to bring with, you can put in a locker with a key just for you.