Virtual Reality: Escape Games

imagine yourself as a part of an offbeat game that challenges your strength and team spirit, tests your wits, and immerses you in the extremely realistic atmosphere. sounds great, doesn’t it?

get into the most exciting and challenging VR Escape Rooms and discover interactive and adventurous scenarios. our games have something for everyone, so people who are into complex puzzles, experts in cutting-edge technologies, or just fans of escape room games will have a great time.





2 - 6 players

carry out a futuristic heist from a totalitarian corporation.



2 - 6 players

escape wrongful imprisonment from a corrupt police force



2 - 6 players

explore a strange events and a dark sanctuary's secrets.



2 - 6 players

infiltrate a building to disarm a warhead and save the city 



1 - 6 players

it's up to you to save Christimas - Santa's stuck in a blizzard!



2 - 4 players

escape an abandoned cabin, realizing you're not quite alone.

how it works
so how does it work?

1. pick the room / escape that seems coolest to you

2. book your time online or by phone ( sorry, no walk-ins for escape rooms )

3. come in 15 minutes ahead of time 

4. work with your team to escape!

how much?

the price is $25 / person - up to 6 people can play in each game  

( sorry - regular memberships and punch passes do not apply to VR escape games. )

how long does it last?

you have 10 minutes to train and 50 minutes to escape -- good luck!

how many can play?

anywhere from 2 - 6 people can play in the same room.  have more people?   no problem!  simply divide your group and we'll start 2 rooms for you.  a total of 10 people can play in the arcade at a time.  

what are the rooms like?

each game has a unique plot that progesses as you and your teammates make it through the area - way more than just a room.   you'll find your way by solving diverse puzzles and unraveling versatile mysteries.   oh my!

some games are harder than others - we'll let you know which - but if you really want to call your group out on their big talk, there's a "hard mode" on each game that ups the challenge even more.

can I play other games?

good question.  VR escape games are their own experience, so you're in it for the long haul.  once you're done, if you'd like to purchase extra time to play any of our other VR games and experiences, we'll be happy to set you up.