with the uncertainty of the coronavirus, Dimensional Drop is continuing our diligent and sustained efforts to ensure our employees and customers are as safe as possible.  we're acting in accordance with current CDC guidelines, and continue our regimented disenfectant routine for every person who enjoys VR with us.  with the beginning of NC phase 3, we are now open during regular operating hours!

we require masks for all folks in our shop and social distancing at all times and ask that you limit the number of non-players.  

as always, we appreciate your business in these and all times - we wouldn't be here without you.

Are you open?

yes!  with NC phase 3 starting we're back!  we're running with normal operating hours, however, we do have a limited capacity so ask that you book ahead of time with as few non-players as possible.   we'll communicate any changes or updates as quickly as possible.

Do you clean your headsets and controllers?

yes, we disenfect both our headsets and controllers between every person who touches them.  should you desire, we'll provide you with a sanitizing cloth to wipe down your headset yourself before you play. 

What if I have a reservation that I can no longer attend? 

we understand.  your reservation email includes a cancellation button, or, you can email or call us anytime to make necessary postponements to your reservation.

Do I play near other people? 

no.  each player is in their own 10 foot by 9 foot divided space.

How are you keeping employees safe?

we are adhering to the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) guidelines and local health organizations for recommendations on the steps we can take to help hinder the spread of the virus.  we stress to all the importance of washing hands and staying home if they feel sick.