kids parties

birthday? sure! 

who doesn't love throwing space dodgeballs at their friends.   

kids can play games in a group or on their own and talk to each other the whole time they're in VR. 

parents?  drop off or hang out in our lounge area and watch the fun. 

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not-kid parties

because adults can have fun too.  

whether it's a birthday (you don't have to tell us the number) or a family reunion, get the crew together for puzzles, exploration and competition. 


oh and cake.  bring as much cake as you want.  

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team building + events

need somewhere unique to bond?  get some time together away from the desk.


why not practice saving your town together, shoot paintballs at each other or see who escape the room the fastest? 


oh, and it really is almost as fun to watch as it is to play.  


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details + pricing


$100 deposit due one week ahead of event


parties include 2.5 hours of all-you-can-virtual-reality.  the whole arcade is reserved just for you. 

10 stations are all yours  (bring up to 20 people and rotate playing/watching) 

we'll set a table and seating - you bring all the food and cake you please.  

*need more / less time?  have more questions?  give us a call or message - we love to talk.