this has been one of the best experiences of our lives - and it's all thanks to you.  at it's core, Dimensional Drop is about spending time with each other.  together, the Greensboro community has been supportive, joyful and amazing to share the VR experience with.    unfortunately, as with so many small businesses, the pandemic hit us hard and we'll be moving on to a new chapter ... here's to the unknown! 

details + info below...

be kind, stay safe and try something new :)

When are you closing?

Our last day is December18th (Saturday), 2021.  Hours will remain the same until then.


We recommend making reservations, especially for parties, as this time will fill up fast!

Are you selling your stuff?

Yes!  We'll be preselling just about everything starting in November, for pickup between Dec 19th - 23rd. 


This includes our tech - yes, the VR kits! - as well as furniture (TV's, benches, rugs, shelves, chairs, ottomans etc.)

The entire VR set (computer, headset, trackers and controllers) will be $1250.  For all other items, prices are available in-store or by request, so that we can keep track of items sold.

Should I use my giftcard?

You should really, really use your giftcards by December 18th.  On December 19th, they will magically turn into very pretty pieces of plastic. 

Book now!

Is it ok to cry?

Yeah, it's cool. We're sad too. 

Are you moving somewhere else? 

Nope. This is the one and only Dimensional Drop.

I have questions about VR!  Who do I ask?

Shoot us a message and we'll happily give you recommendations and tips - until Dec 18th!